Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Life's Decay Artwork and spoiler !

A new artwork has been uploaded ! This artwork has been exclusively made for an upcoming vinyl release. More info soon !

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The right addresses to download our mp3 albums.


A lot websites are selling the Life's Decay albums as mp3. But some of them are not legal and are not related to us AT ALL !! So yes, it's a total money waste.
So I wanted to give a list where the Life's Decay mp3 albums are sold legally, websites that are related to us. Most of theses websites only offers the Dysrieuses album for the moment and some may not have uploaded the album yet. Anyway, here is the safe list :

- Itunes : US
- Itunes : Australia / N.Z.
- Itunes : Canada
- Itunes : European Union
- Itunes : Japan
- Itunes : Mexico
- Amazon Mp3
- Spotify
- Myspace Music
- MediaNet
- eMusic
- Zune
- Nokia
- Shockhound
- Napster
- Thumbplay
- Amie Street
- Amazon On Demand
- Abstraktsens Produktions : our own online store where you can get ALL the Life's Decay album as mp3 or CD :

By the way, do not buy the Life's Decay mp3 from the "Industrial Underground Compilation" from Quickstar Production, it's a scam (see one of my previous post about this company at :

There may be a few other legal websites that offers our mp3 album, I'm sorry if I forgot them. But be sure that all the other websites (mostly Russian and Chinese) that offers or sells our mp3 are illegal, they have nothing to do with us. Don't download from them ! (you may go to hell)

Finally, remember that we offer 12 full mp3 to listen or download for free on our website at in the discography section.

Thank you for reading !