Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy christmas songs !

[version française ci dessous]

From Lyktwasst :
Life's Decay is featuring on the new "Dark Meadow's Lonely Christmas vol.2" compilation ! This year with the "Life's Decay - Exaissance" track.
Life's Decay was already a part of the vol.1 that was released last year.

De Lyktwasst :
Life's Decay fait partit de la nouvelle compilation "Dark Meadow's Lonely Christmas vol.2" ! Cette année, avec le morceau "Life's Decay - Exaissance".
Life's Decay prennait déjà part au vol.1 publié l'année dernière.

From the press release :

"4 Discs in DVD case, 2 double page inserts. DMR sticker.

Last years Lonely Christmas was presented on 2 discs, in cardboard case, 26 artists spanning quite a mixed bag. This year's we decided to be kinder to the artists by giving them more minutes, but it turned out they didn't care for that... but still topping up with 36 artists, or at least 36 guises of various underground individuals the compilation manages to get you thru what would be an extremely long day.

Like last year, near all participants forgot the ode to christmas the album was supposed to be and made nothing christmas based, this year even more fucked it. Proving we're more bah humbug than one originally thought. The odes to christmas that do feature certainly leaves a bitter taste but luckily Santa has kept his cock in his trousers and not cum all over your mothers tits like last years biographical track by Ghoul Detail. The 4 discs are made up of as many musical genres and non musical genres as you could imagine. Many has already graced DMR's discography but the rest have become friends and neighbours within various scenes.

Ambient, Black Metal, Drone, Harsh Ambient, Industrial, Electronica, Noise, even Jazz covered across the discs."

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