Sunday, September 5, 2010

The first Life's Decay Vinyl Disc release Dyssera is now available !!

Life's Decay first release on vinyl disc is finally out !! And you can buy it directly from our online store at !!

Here is the cover :

Here is the description :

Dyssera is Life’s Decay first release on vinyl disc. This vinyl is a 33T LP disc that contains a selection of twelve songs from the Life's Decay acoustic era. Thus, "Dyssera" is a combination of the "Dysrieuses" and "Eklaasera" albums titles. Side A is therefore made of six songs from the Dysrieuses album and the B side, of six songs from the Eklaasera album. Of course, the sound has been remastered and specifically adapted for the vinyl media.
Dyssera was thought as an collection object and is made of visuals specially created for this release. The packaging is a thick cardboard gatefold wich opens to a width of 63 centimeters.
With Dyssera, forget the digital and the computer bugs, have something real in your hands, go retro and listen to a warmer and more authentic sound on the old turntable of your cellar (or that newly purchased for the occasion).

The tracklist :
"Life's Decay - Dyssera" 33T LP Vinyl disc
[Released : 05/09/2010] [Abstraktsens Produktions ABPLP001]

Side A "Dysrieuses" :
I - Emerance
II - Sulvisyan
III - Viversie
IV - Ambrause
V - Etesse
VI - Inkerosa

Side B "Eklaasera" :
I - Swanics
II - Valensky
III - Cavaleraie
IV - Eveen
V - Delyssia
VI - Rokterdam

And finally, the product's photograph :

We hope that you appreciate our efforts and work !!

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